Structuring Wealth

Our lawyers are trained to offer objective and independent advice, providing reliable oversight and ensuring that all the work done on your behalf is carried out in the most responsive and effective way possible.

Successful collaboration among family lawyers, accountants, family officers, and investment advisors drives our work for clients. As primary advisors, Cone Marshall Trustees (Italia) Srl unites and oversees these varied elements and relationships.

When suitable, our clients also have access to the fiduciary and accounting services offered by our sister companies around the world (see our Contact Us page for details). These companies offer diverse management structures and, in particular, trustee services for worldwide wealth and property, including real estate, art, aircraft, boats, businesses, collections, financial assets, and investments under management.

Decades of establishing and managing both simple and complex trusts for clients all over the world have enabled the Cone Marshall Group to respond to the full range of circumstances which may motivate a family to establish a trust. The lawyers and trust officers of Cone Marshall have a global understanding of high-net-worth families, allowing us to align their interests with their goals in the ways that will most benefit them and their loved ones for generations to come. 

In addition, Cone Marshall Trustees (Italia) Srl collaborates with a wide range of international legal firms and fiduciary companies. Once your specific goals and objectives have been identified, our team will work closely to create and coordinate the structures required. We will also assist in putting into place best practices for day-to-day management.

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